TTT Studios takes on Collision 2022

TTT Studios takes on Collision 2022

The 2022 Collision Conference in Toronto, Ontario—also known as the Olympics of tech—has officially wrapped up, and I couldn't be more impressed with the turnout! My team and I saw it all: tech stars, entertainers, start-ups of all levels, venture capitals, and eager individuals from all parts of the tech industry ready to learn about the future of the tech ecosystem.

With so much showcased during the 4-day event, I'd like to share my highlights and takeaways from Collision.

Collision Conference main stage.
Credit to the Collision Conference photographer.

TTT Studios' anticipation of the Collision Conference

Before my team and I flew from Vancouver to Toronto to attend the Collision Conference, there was high anticipation of the event. Most of our team hadn't participated in Collision in the past, so we weren't sure what to expect. Of course, there were elements we were looking forward to, like meeting people and making new connections in the tech industry. Canada has been late in allowing large-scale in-person events to be organized since the Covid-19 pandemic, so this was an exciting moment for all of us.

As the conference name suggests, I looked forward to colliding with thought leaders, founders, and industry professionals in the Canadian tech ecosystem. Interestingly enough, many of the founders at the conference were guests on our Afternoon "T" podcast, so we were excited to see everyone in person, considering our podcast episodes are recorded remotely.

TTT Studios' role in the Collision Conference

Canada has become a breeding ground for technological innovation. Having the Collision Conference hosted in Toronto demonstrates that we as Canadians are significant contenders on the world stage as a growing tech hub. Attending this event was an opportunity for TTT Studios to showcase our support.

2022 Collision Conference.
Credit to the Collision Conference photographer.

Collision Conference: A forward-thinking movement

Collision brought many diverse backgrounds together, each aiming to immerse themselves in the tech community and the innovative opportunities being presented.

Some of my favourite moments from the event came from listening to the inspirational speakers. One that comes to mind is Brian Collins of COLLINS, the brand experience design company. Collins' speech certainly stuck with me. He provided fantastic insights on transforming brand identity and ethos through an incredibly engaging lecture. He had the crowd-drawing the person next to them (with their non-dominant hand), shared the genius of Pirates and their brand identity, and discussed some of their company's case studies—Spotify and Twitch— all in a 30-minute lecture!

Collision Conference.
Brian Collins presenting at the 2022 Collision Conference!

TTT Studios' most significant takeaways from Collision Conference

The team and I saw first-hand how external social factors quickly impact industries. Let me explain. When attending start-up events, we typically compare start-ups across events to understand technology themes. We noticed a shift in start-ups showcasing their solutions at Collision compared to events organized during the pandemic. During the pandemic, start-ups focused more on Work From Home (WFH). Now that the effects of Covid-19 on WFH have started to slow down, we now see start-ups at Collision much more focused on NFT solutions, with fewer WFH solutions being showcased.

Conferences like Collision are essential in bringing together our tech community to share ideas, collaborate, and create new connections. These networking events' value depends entirely on your mindset and willingness to learn and share. Opening yourself up to the experience and bringing genuine positivity and curiosity to the process provides you and your organization with the most value from these events.

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