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ElectraMeccanica partnered with TTT Studios to create a cutting-edge digital solution, complementing the pioneering technology of their SOLO vehicle line. Through our collaboration and custom software, we added significant value to ElectraMeccanica’s business, setting a new standard in automotive innovation and delivering an elevated user experience at every turn.

Beyond the dashboard:
Empowering SOLO owners through real-time connectivity

With the compact and eco-friendly SOLO offering a 100-mile range per charge for urban commuting, owners rely on up-to-date information to avoid power depletion or forgetting to charge. Understanding this challenge, TTT Studios developed an advanced app bridging the gap between drivers and their SOLO vehicles.

This transformative digital companion enables remote battery monitoring, real-time driving range and performance data, maintenance scheduling, and direct communication with EMV staff for customer support. Ensuring a worry-free driving experience, the application we developed is designed to address the unique needs of SOLO owners.

Driving insights: Unveiling new perspectives through Discovery

At TTT Studios, our process begins with Discovery sessions, an integral part of our approach. Collaborating closely with clients, we delve into their business goals, comprehensively understand user needs and expectations, and co-create a robust action plan to bring their vision to life.

Our Discovery process unlocks a new level of insight, allowing our teams to design and develop features that empower drivers to experience their vehicles like never before.

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Setting a North Star: prioritization and validation yield positive results

After an in-depth Discovery session, the team prioritized scalable features to elevate the user experience. And, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the team seamlessly adapted to remote user testing to validate the findings.

The ease-score results, used to demonstrate our software’s user-friendliness quantitively, were overwhelmingly positive for both web and mobile applications, with an average of 4.2 out of 5. For context, 3 out of 5 is a passing score.

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“We didn’t have to lead TTT Studios into anything because they knew what they were doing. They had experience from similar projects. They were on top of things when it came to testing. They gave us access to the tools they were using, so we were able to monitor everything that was happening on the screen. It couldn’t have been done better based on the situation they were in during the pandemic. They did the best they could, and they were very good.”

EMV Senior Procurement Officer

Real-time monitoring for confident driving

With real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s status, battery charge, and driving range, drivers can confidently embark on their journeys without worrying about surprises. Whether it’s a daily commute or a medium-range trip, the ability to stay informed and proactive empowers users to fully embrace the freedom and convenience of their SOLO vehicle.

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Intelligent navigation for charging availability

Finding a charging spot can be a hassle, but this solution makes it easy. By integrating intelligent navigation and real-time charging station information, drivers can quickly locate available charging spaces nearby. Driving through a bustling city or exploring a new area, this feature saves valuable time and reduces the stress of charging, allowing users to focus on enjoying their ride to the fullest.

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Instant support at your fingertips

The platform provides users with a direct channel to customer support whenever needed. With a simple click, drivers can connect with EMV staff and access prompt assistance and guidance. From addressing technical issues to answering customer queries, this integrated support system ensures that users feel supported and confident in owning a SOLO vehicle.

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Seamless vehicle maintenance management

With the ability to schedule maintenance directly through the app, drivers can easily stay on top of their vehicle’s upkeep. By receiving timely reminders and notifications for service appointments, users can ensure that their SOLO vehicle remains in optimal condition, promoting longevity and reliability.

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Our companion application delivers an enjoyable and smart driving experience. Through its intuitive interface and user-centred design, the SOLO software creates an effortless and effective interaction between drivers and their vehicles, adding a layer of excitement and making every journey memorable.