Unpacking Collision 2023: How AI shapes human-centric experiences

Unpacking Collision 2023: How AI shapes human-centric experiences

I just returned from this year’s Collision Conference in Toronto, where I was immersed in cutting-edge innovations, thought-provoking discussions, and meeting some great new connections. This year’s keynote events were particularly impactful, and speakers shared many insights relevant to our mission and the practices we follow at TTT Studios. Namely, they resonated with our mission to create exceptional digital products that transform industries and empower users. In this blog, I want to highlight some of my favourite quotes, themes, and topics from my time walking the conference floor and listening to experts. 

Design Thinking for Transformative Products 

One of the first sessions was led by Robert Brunner, founder of the renowned design studio Ammunition. His emphasis on the philosophy of building exceptional (physical) products and the commitment required to go from good to great aligns closely with the processes and impact we strive to achieve here at TTT Studios when developing (digital) products. Brunner’s design beliefs revolve around building simple, meaningful solutions that evoke transformative and emotional responses from their users.

The Power of Consistent Design Thinking 

Brunner stressed that product design should be seen as a process rather than a one-time event. I was happy to hear this, as it provides validation that an ongoing and consistent design approach, incorporating user feedback and understanding, is crucial to building delightful products. In my time working at TTT Studios, I’ve learned to operate with the mentality that design is not just the responsibility of our designers. Design thinking must be integrated throughout the entire software development and consulting process. Working under a similar model as Brunner suggests allows our team to ensure we build the right product in the most efficient way possible – designed and developed with the user in mind.

AI and Hyper-Personalization in Customer Experiences

 Many speakers at Collision delved into the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in enhancing customer experiences. Insights from global customer experience leaders highlighted the accelerating trend of AI-enabled experiences. A key theme was hyper-personalization, emphasizing the importance of placing the customer at the center of every experience. As Scott Ernst from Drift pointed out, AI doesn’t replace humans; it augments human capabilities, creating more personalized and efficient customer interactions. 

AI-Driven Mass Personalization

On this note, mass personalization through AI was a recurring key talking point. Shea Weckesser from Uniphore explained how AI can help us understand customer behaviour and preferences at scale. Products of the future must harness the information they collect from their customers and user bases, leveraging AI to provide customized experiences and interactions across the board. As this practice becomes more prevalent, customers will begin to expect this level of personalization in all of their digital interactions. Successful companies must adapt and react accordingly to meet these needs head-on.

Collision Conference 2023 pictures taken by Liam McLean

Bridging the AI Knowledge Gap for Human-Centric Solutions 

An important topic consistent throughout many of the keynotes was the uneven distribution of AI knowledge and its societal impact. This uneven distribution creates dramatic differences in people's experiences with and perceptions of AI. This distribution will profoundly impact how much you reap the benefits of AI in your personal and professional lives, how much value your company extracts from the technology, and the trajectory of your AI journey.

With this understanding in mind, when ideating and designing a solution for a client here at TTT Studios, our team is committed to bridging this gap by using software to make AI more accessible and human-centric. As Harvard Business Review put it, AI Should Augment Human Intelligence, Not Replace It. I was happy to see that our belief in harnessing the power of AI to empower individuals and businesses aligns with the vision shared by many during the conference. 

A Vision for AI: Augmenting Human Intelligence

My experience at Collision 2023 reaffirmed our dedication to user-led design and software development. We harness the power of AI to empower individuals and businesses, aligning with the vision shared by many during the conference. The insights and discussions surrounding best practices, the role of AI in customer experiences, and the need for accessible and human-centric AI solutions have left a lasting impact on me and will guide our approach at TTT Studios.